I am an agent of love and transformation…
here to inspire and assist people to connect
with the Divinity within”

These words came to me in the midst of an intensive exploration of what my life purpose is – I call it my ‘spiritual job description’

It is my joy to participate in the great awakening of the power of the heart to heal, transform and reveal the Divinity within. I began my training in metaphysics in the mid-80s with a master teacher, Tamara Diaghilev, PhD. in San Francisco.

In these teachings I found the deep resonance with what I had known as a child. In the magic and wonderment of nature, in the spirit of joy and delight, we find our heart. When I was 9 years old I used to pretend I was an alchemist – now I work with the power of the Word in affirmative prayer to turn ‘lead into gold’.

After 25 years in the field of philanthropy and community service, I began my formal training and received my license as a Practitioner of Religious Science in the year 2000.

In my spiritual counseling practice, I see my role as a catalyst – that element that encourages and amplifies the Divine qualities that are inherent in all of us.

Turn obstacles into stepping stones
transform problems into miracles.

I combine the practical application of universal principle and affirmative prayer with further training I have received from the Institute of HeartMath, on accessing the power of the heart to relieve stress and open to our center of creative wisdom. Another strand of teaching I have received and share is that of the creative power of the voice to heal through sacred sound.

I offer heart-centered spiritual counseling to reveal the magnificence within. The classes and workshops I offer are designed to create an experiential field of learning, growth and connection with the divine in all. I am passionate about connecting with the divinity within. This passion and intent is expressed in my offerings for your spiritual journey.

If you want to awaken to your inner divinity and reveal the treasure that you are… let’s connect and make some miracles!

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